About Us

Wendy Rowe and Associates Ltd is a boutique New Zealand owned HR consultancy, formed in 2008 to provide a flexible and responsive professional consulting service, specialising in leadership development, career and change management.

We work with organisations to develop their leadership and people capability. We assist organisations to increase engagement, satisfaction and productivity, and to navigate through change. 

Our focus is working with Senior and Mid-level Managers and teams and we can work at all levels. We work primarily business-to-business and we may also be engaged directly by individuals. We partner with selected associates to best meet the needs of clients.

 You Can Expect 

  • Flexibility to Meet your Needs
  • Professional Consulting Capability
  • Robust, Well Developed Processes
  • Professional, Academic and Life Experience
  • Quality Management
  • Confidentiality and Integrity
  • Empathy and Respect for Diversity
  • Ongoing Professional Development 


“...they helped me focus and gain clarity on what I really want in life both personal and professional. As I consequence I am now working where and when I wish, with people I enjoy.”

“She has supported me in trying times and guided me through important self-discovery. I would recommend Wendy to anyone seeking advice on their career.”

 “I very much appreciated the down to earth approach to issues and the ability to get to the core of the matter quickly and facilitate the development of solutions.” 

“…helped me work through some complex issues/opportunities; wise, insightful and realistic.”

“... I found her so thorough, professional, discreet yet not afraid to push back at me in a friendly challenging way that I have recommended her many times. I have never been disappointed or let down.... I have also used her to play devil’s advocate with me before setting up my own business. Wendy really knows her stuff, is crisp and doesn't waste anybody's time. Wendy uses a mix of intelligence, practicality and humour to guide not direct. She works to get real results that move the game forward.”


“Wendy's personable style and empathy together with her in depth understanding of and ability to implement suitable career management tools, underpinned by her focus on meeting the client's needs, meant she delivered value both at an organisational and individual level.” Motor Co

“... they have consistently delivered for me, both personally and for my employees and delivered strong results in often challenging circumstances, and I can strongly recommend the service.” FMCG.

“ I have used these services to provide outplacement support on some large assignments. They quickly build rapport, are very insightful and deal sensitively with clients and deliver excellent results.” Travel

“... adaptive to the clients' needs and deploying a range of best practice tools that stretch the candidates.... the ability to shift the sceptic into a convert and motivate people to get great results.”